Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Days in Thessaloniki

So, last week I spent some days in Thessaloniki (you can check my other post about the city here) with my gorgeous best friend who lives there now. We had so much fun (as we always do) and got the oportunity to shoot some pictures together after a long time. I'll never get tired of saying that she's my favorite model ever.
Thessaloniki is very picturesque and I love its vibe. So many well dressed people of all ages filling the many cool caf├ęs, restaurants and clubs. You can't get bored while you're there. Also another thing that makes the city magical is the sea. The sea gives a very relaxing vibe to the urban scenery.
Enjoy some of my favorite photos (I am crazy for sunsets I know, but then again, who isn't?). :)


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