Thursday, 12 December 2013

Up In The Air

The view from the plane on this flight just happened to be breathtaking and I had my camera on hand at all times. In the beginning I was enjoying the view of the swiss mountains and near the end I could see Athens covered in the colors of a beautiful sunset (there I go again obsessing over sunsets). In the middle of the flight I might have slept a bit...

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Geneva by Night

And the sun is setting and the night falls in Geneva. But no darkness. Lots of light. Obviously very pretty Christmas lights.  Also big bright signs on top of buildings such as "Rolex" and "Cartier". And I was like "Oh I'm a bit lost here but look there's an enormous "Rolex" sign over there so I know where I can buy a new watch." And most of it reflecting in the lake and making everything even prettier. I even saw some random phrases on top of buildings. I really loved this city, seriously.
Plus, a photo of a very impressive exhibition at CERN.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Sunny Geneva

Very chic. Very european. Very expensive. I just loved Geneva. Even though it was very cold. But it was sunny. Sunny works for me. I particularly liked: the narrow streets of the old town, the infinity of the lake, the frost on the grass (that looks like snow but isn't), the fact that public transport is free for tourists (so hop on a bus when you get tired of walking or too cold to function), the fact that you see a designer's shop on every corner (I enjoyed staring at them like a homeless girl daydreaming about wearing 2000 CHF dresses). It was a lovely weekend anyway so now I'm gonna eat all the swiss chocolate I brough home with me. Bye. (There's more from Geneva coming soon)
 Photo of me by Dad.