Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Throwback Vol II: Italia

In the summer of 2012 I took a trip to the north of Italy with my parents. We rented a car and went through some famous cities of Tuscany, Lombardy and Piedmont such as Bologna, Pisa, Turin etc etc... The colors of an italian summer are fantastic and the gelato delicious so it was a very enjoyable trip. One of my favorite things about Italy is that you can walk in a very narrow street in the middle of a city and suddenly a huuge cathedral or palace or whatever can appear. I find this breathtaking. I was also in a museum kind of mood and as I was underage, most of them were free (lucky me). So I also learnt many interesting things about history and art on this trip.
I had forgotten about those pictures - this is something I often do: I take hundreds of pictures, I look at them, I like some, but then I completely forget to show them to anyone. I think I posted one or two of those on facebook and others on my tumblr blog.

Here is my Throwback Vol I

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